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Safety system for mobile traffic controllers

Safety System 2 is to control distances between moving objects, like the motorcyclists responsible for the traffic control in a cycling race.

CS Safety System for mobile traffic controllers with SmartBoxes
CS Safety System for mobile traffic controllers with SmartBoxes to enhance the safety of the riders during bicycle races.

The group of motorcyclists riding in front of the cyclists to block traffic from the sideways need to ride with a gap between each other. But the most important is to stay close enough to the front of the pack.

When the distance between the traffic controlling motorcycle and the cyclists is too big, impatient car drivers being stopped at cross roads, continue their journey because the road seems to be clear. This happens very often. Bicycle racing on a narrow road with a vehicle driving in the opposite direction is what everyone wants to avoid.

Unfortunately, these days it happens far too often.

When the PCS System for mobile traffic controllers is used, the mobile traffic controllers (usually motor cycles), get real time updates of the distance they have from the front of the race. With this information they can adjust the gap as required.

The use of this patented Systems of Pro Cycling Support will bring back the number of accidents and injuries.

The system can be rented and contains SmartBoxes for the cyclists, tablets to make a digital road book, program the warning list on the and to use during the race to add on warnings and send these to the cyclists.