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Eccentric chain ring for cyclists with unequal leg power

Many cyclists have more power in one of their legs than in the other. To solve this problem, we have developed an eccentric chain ring, to enable the cyclist to use the maximum power from both legs.

If the difference in power is for example 2 % you can use a 52 for the weakest leg but 102 % x 52 or 53 for your stronger leg.

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With the eccentric chain wheel, riders with unequal leg power gain 1% energy output.

This can result in a chain ring with 53 teeth which feels like 52,5 for one leg and 53,5 for the stronger one.

In this case you can produce for example in a sprint 1 % more power then normal.

Each chain ring is custom made to customer order. We need to know which leg is stronger and how many percent.

The sizes you would like to use and the brand and model. Your name or whatever you like can be cut on the outside.

Price for the pair is 2000 euro.