1.  Warning info-system for cycling.


overnight shipping kamagra oral jelly Smartboxes and beacons safety system for:

Organizations, officials, riders, motorcyclists and other assistants in a cycling event.
A purpose of this system is to improve the safety of the riders.
And to enables the teams to program track- and strategy- related info on predetermined places on the receivers before the race.
It improves cycling road races, it will bring back the amount of accidents.
It makes it possible to message riders and other people during a race easily.
Important info on the right time.
Warnings for crashed riders and motorcyclists.


Advantages for Organizations:

Clear overview of the whole race;  cyclists, motorcycles and cars.
Direct info about who is crashed and where.
Possible to inform about dangerous situations just before they arrive there.
Possible to give direct race info.
Possible to contact some or all riders and other people in the event.


Advantages for the riders and teams:

Warnings for crashed cyclists and motorcyclist if in front of them.
Able to inform riders about teammates positions, stationary or speed, crashed, need another front or rear wheel or bike etc.
Able to inform the leader about his teammates positions.
All data about their riders is visible on a tablet in the car.
Programming info before the race (track and strategic info)
The people in the team car can overview the positions of their riders in the group as well as cars and motorcycles around their car.

The invention is claimed in a patent applications.



2.  Eccentric chain rings for cyclists with unequal leg power

The difference between a winner and the top ten is less then 0,5 %. So why not using the extra power in your strongest leg?

To use the maximum power from both legs, the solution is to have an eccentric chain ring. If the difference in power is for example 2 % you can use a ring with 52 teeth for the weakest leg but 102 % x 52 or a 53 teeth ring for your strongest leg. Cheap Burberry Cashmere Scarf This can result in a eccentric chain ring with 53 teeth which feels like 52,5 for one leg and 53,5 for the stronger one. In this case you can produce for example in a sprint 1 % more power then normal.

In a sprint and time trial it is more efficient to use eccentric rings if you have unequal legpower. This way you are able to perform better. Because of this the torque is constant. Other advantages are less back pain and more constant rotation speed.

Each chain ring will be made to customer order. We need to know which leg is stronger and by how many percent. You also need to provide us with the sizes of the rings you would like to use and the brand and model. Additionally, your name or whatever you like can be engraved on the outside.

Price for the pair is € 995 vat included.

The invention is claimed in a patent applications which was recently filed.

3.   5 Seconds Front Wheel Change 

This UCI approved product is a special quick release set with a tool to change front wheels within 5 seconds. Watch the video:

It is a special nut with gear and a tool with rack to turn the nut.
We can sell you packages for your team. Later on we will have smaller quick release sets with tools.


The red anodized nut with gear is made out of Aluminum 6082.

The tool has a build in rack to turn the nut 4 turns loose when sliding it on the wheel and 4 turns fast when pulling it off the wheel. If the spare wheel is adjusted correct the tool will turn it 4 left turns and later on 4 right turns. You need to hold the quick release with your right hand while sliding on and removing the tool from the wheel with your left hand.

Price for the tool is 89,50 euro excl vat (for a fast wheel change you need 2 tools).

Price for 2 nuts is 34,50 euro excl vat.

10 nuts for 145 euro or 24 nuts for 300 euro excl vat.


The invention is claimed in a patent applications which was recently filed.


4. Project Team Box

Information will be available within a few months.
Robert van Wesenbeeck